Recruitment 2k18

April 8, 2018

Recruitment 2k18

Is your brain wired in a way that works like a geek? Wanna build cool stuff like robots? With automation ruling the world and innovation happening every single day, don’t you want to be a part of it?Here is your chance unleashing the Jarvis within you. RCS is a tech team where we work together to make cool projects. We will be taking new members into our club!

  • RCS Recruitment exam will be till 14th April 12am.
  • Recruitment exam will have 4 sections: Electrical, Mechanical, Coding, Subjective.
  • All sections are mandatory. All sections contain negative marking.
  • Except subjective section all other sections are MCQs, valued at +2 mark and a negative of -1 mark.
  • Subjective section is valued at +4 marks and a negative of -1 mark. Answer with one line answers. (Max 40 words)
  • Except subjective section all other sections are timed at 10 min.
  • Subjective section will be timed at 15 min.
  • All sections must be attempted within one hour
  • The test will be submitted if you reload the quiz page.
  • Attempting the test in Laptop is recommended.
  • It’s also advisable to use your own mobile hotspots rather than college WiFi.
  • Ignore the double question numbers in quiz site.

The number of candidates who will be qualifying from this exam is very less, so help at your own risk.


Register for  one event

Attempt the test of the event

Submit the test

Repeat for other events

Exam is @

The Exam Procedure

  1. Go to
  2. Sign Up with any mail id. You can ignore any mail or notification, you get.
  3. In events tab, you’ll see 4 events from RCS-Recruitment. Those are the sections of Electrical, Mechanical, Coding, Subjective of RCS-Recruitment.
  4. You can attempt the sections in any order you want.
  5. But register for one event at a time. You can ignore any mail or notification, you get.
  6. Follow the test link mentioned in description of your registered section/event.
  7. Complete the test.
  8. Then, go for another section/event and then repeat the process from step 5.

If any queries, contact:

  • 9944594155
  • 9843619752
  • 8897584811