July 10, 2015




The aim of this project is to built a war robot that is capable of attacking and defending itself from the opponent robot on the war-front (here the arena)

The dimensions of the robot are (give the dimensions) and weighs 40kgs. It comprises of a starter motor used as power supply, a chassis strong enough to defend itself from its opponent and support its own self weight and an attacking mechanism to attack the opponent robot.

To enable the locomotion, the robot is equipped with six wheels powered with JOHNSON geared high torque metal 100 rpm motors.





The robot is designed basically to fight with its opponent robot in the given arena. It is presented at the rob war event at IIT-M. As a weapon system we used spinning mechanism.

Different weapon systems such as cutters, flipper, saws etc., Can be used. But, out of simplicity we selected the spinner mechanism to be our sole weapon which uses starter motor to drive the spinner. If spinner mechanism is selected, care is to be taken that the spinner weapon wouldn’t come in contact with the arena at any point of time.


War robot presented at IIT-M





Starter motor works on the principle of electro magnetic induction. When the solenoid is closed or the foot pedal is pushed (in the case of the older cars), this sends current to the motor windings making the armature spin. This rotation of energy is sent to thedrive head and spring, then on to the sleeve. All of these parts begin to spin faster along with the armature.




Operating voltage: 12-18v DC

Dimensions: 16X8 inches


Max speed :1000 rpm Weight :8Kg





Our project concentrates on building a manual wired robot with an attacking and defending mechanism along with proper locomotion. The main issue here is the designing of the chassis that can support the starter motor and the weapon.


In our project we used mild steel to build the chassis. The chassis is built in the rectangular shape with the dimensions as follow 60X60X60 cm. For the chassis to be strong enough the ends are welded together.

The weapon mechanism i.e., the spinner is also made of mild steel which is driven by the starter motor. The spinner is a U shaped bar with sharpened edges to damage the opponent robots armor by spinning at around 1000 rpm. This same mechanism is used as defense mechanism by preventing the opponent robot from creating any damage to our robot. This spinner bar is 6mm thick with sharpened edges and low ground clearance.


For locomotion we are using a six wheel drive with high torque metal gear 100 rpm motors and wheel of dimension 100mm dia X 44mm thick. Out of three wheel present on each side of the robot, wo wheels (front and rear ) are facing inwards and the middle wheel also facing inwards.





Our strategy involves with starting the spinner at the start of the match and drives the robot into the opponent robot. We use the spinner to hit the opponent robot to change its course of motion depending on the weight of the opponent robot.

The spinner is supported on a L-clamp with a bearing and a gear. The wiring is done appropriately. Once the starter motor starts the solenoid hits the driving gear and meshes with the gear which supports the spinner and drives the spinner at about 500-1000 rpm.

When the opponent robot approaches our robot due to high rotation of spinner it throws away the opponent robot thereby defending itself and attacking the opponent.


Power source used


Voltage:12v Dc